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Roof Waterproofing

There are many waterproofing systems available in today's market and choosing the right system requires years of experience and first hand knowledge. This is what SPC brings to the table. Through our extensive experience we can assist you in selecting the right system depending on performance requirements, time-line and budgets. The systems we can supply and install include:

  • Polyurethane and Water-Based membranes

  • Polyurea and Hybrid Spray Applied Membranes

  • PVC/TPO single ply sheet membranes

  • HDPE/VDLP sheet membrane

  • Torch On Bitumen sheet membrane

  • Self-Adhered fully-bonded sheet membrane

  • Geosynthetic Clay Liners

  • Blind Side Sheet Membranes

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Roof waterproofing services Australia


Roof waterproofing should be high on any construction project’s agenda, as a properly sealed roof membrane is critical to the quality and longevity of any commercial or residential building project. Waterproofing your building’s roof is crucial to protect your building project and keep premises free from water damage. 

Adding an essential layer of protection, roof waterproofing ensures no water can enter the protected property. Poor roof waterproofing is the leading cause of roof leaks in commercial and residential properties. Roof leaks can cause many issues including damp and rotting internal walls and supporting beams. These problems can lead to serious structural building issues and are very costly to repair. Ensuring your construction project has a quality waterproof membrane for the roof should be a high priority when in the construction planning process. Consulting with SPS - expert waterproofing suppliers in Sydney and beyond - will make sure you receive the top-quality service you require. 

The number one choice for waterproofing contractors in Sydney 


Leading the way since 2004, Superseal Protective Coatings (SPC) has been involved in many roof waterproofing projects across commercial, civil and residential projects. Our portfolio of projects includes a wide variety of sectors including commercial, education, government, private and infrastructure as well as remedial work, so you can rest assured your waterproofing project will be in safe hands. Whether you are searching for roof waterproofing in Sydney or roof waterproofing in Canberra, SPC’s expert team are on hand to help with all your waterproofing roof needs. 


We pride ourselves at being knowledgeable problem solvers, so whether you are looking for roof waterproofing for a new building project or remedial roof waterproofing, SPC should be your contractor of choice. 


When you choose to work with SPC, you are opting to work with an experienced, professional service provider with a portfolio of proven results. Our work is completed to the highest standard and sets the industry benchmark for quality. SPC’s efficient, friendly waterproofing services in Australia accompanied by years of experience provides guaranteed satisfaction with every completed project. 


SPC utilises expert techniques for roof waterproofing Australia


At SPC, we use quality products and practised techniques to ensure an excellent standard of roof waterproofing every time. With more than 15 years’ experience and over 350 completed projects, we are regarded as the top choice when considering waterproofing suppliers in Sydney and beyond.


When considering a membrane roof, one size does not fit all and not every roof’s waterproofing needs are the same. Each building project will require assessment for its waterproofing requirements. When considering the ideal waterproofing membrane for a roof, SPC can offer several options. We supply and install a variety of systems including Polyurethane and Water-Based membranes, Polyurea and Hybrid Spray Applied Membranes, PVC/TPO single ply sheet membranes and HDPE/VDLP sheet membrane. For a full list and to discuss which roof waterproofing system is right for your project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Contact us for a roof waterproofing quote

With years of experience and vast first-hand knowledge, the SPC team is on hand to ensure your building project has the high-quality roof waterproofing it requires. For more information and a detailed quote from our roof waterproofing experts, please contact SPC either by calling us or completing our online enquiry form today.

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