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Concrete crack repair in Sydney & Canberra


When you need an absolute guarantee that a concrete crack repair is not going to fail, Superseal Protective Coatings is the company to turn to. Our resin injection concrete filler can waterproof and seal cracks before they can develop into structural problems, and our epoxy injection is an effective structural repair for when the damage is already done. We’ve been successfully fixing cracks, waterproofing roofs and working with epoxy flooring since opening up in 2004, so when you need a high quality concrete crack sealer you can turn to Superseal Protective Coatings.

Concrete crack repair with epoxy sealer

Cracks form in concrete for a number of reasons. Concrete shrinks when hardening and drying which can lead to cracks, or concrete can be stressed in excess of its strength, causing cracks. While many cracks are simply unsightly, some can be a structural hazard. At Superseal Protective Coatings we use an epoxy concrete crack filler to repair cracks where the structural integrity is a concern. Our concrete crack sealer is injected into the cracks with a high pressure injection, where it packs into the spaces and binds to the existing concrete structure. Concrete gap filler is suitable for any cracks more than 0.05mm in width and the concrete injection both waterproofs the concrete and reinforces the structure.

Get faster repairs with concrete crack filler

Fixing concrete doesn’t have to be a burden when you use a waterproofing injection to fix a concrete crack with epoxy. It’s easy to see why concrete crack injection has become a popular way to fix cracks:


  • Easy application — Concrete crack filler is an easier way to fix a crack than mixing new concrete. It’s so easy that DIY kits are available, although for any structural problems a professional team is always recommended

  • Durable and strong — Crack filler epoxy cures stronger than your concrete, and it can last for many years if installed correctly by a professional contractor

  • Fast — An epoxy crack injection will cure in 30-45 minutes, so a concrete crack repair can be a great option if you need a crack fixed quickly and with a minimum amount of fuss

When you need a concrete crack repair, epoxy injection is an excellent choice as long as the crack isn’t more than 2cm deep. You’ll also need to make sure the area is completely dry before starting work, and it’s always best to get professional help.

Professional crack repair from Superseal Protective Coatings

A crack injection for concrete repair is only effective if applied correctly and at Superseal Protective Coatings we have a long history of working with epoxy. Our innovative problem-solving approach has let us achieve excellent results in everything from resin floor toppings to decorative finishes to using a waterproof injection for concrete crack repair. 


Contact us through our enquiry form or by phone to get complete peace of mind knowing that your concrete cracks are being repaired by a professional team backed by years of good results across Australia.

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