There are many waterproofing systems available in today's market and choosing the right system requires years of experience and first hand knowledge. This is what SPC brings to the table. Through our extensive experience we can assist you in selecting the right system depending on performance requirements, time-line and budgets. The systems we can supply and install include:

  • Polyurethane and Water-Based membranes

  • Polyurea and Hybrid Spray Applied Membranes

  • PVC/TPO single ply sheet membranes

  • HDPE/VDLP sheet membrane

  • Torch On Bitumen sheet membrane

  • Self-Adhered fully-bonded sheet membrane

  • Geosynthetic Clay Liners

  • Blind Side Sheet Membranes

SPC Waterproofing  


With a range of waterproofing services on the market, selecting the right one is crucial. The service must be tailored to your specifications whether you need to waterproof a residential complex, commercial property, sporting centre, educational facility, or health care amenity.

Finding the right waterproofing specialists to help you select the correct solution is necessary to get the right results. You need to engage the services of a specialist who will guarantee the quality of their work,  who is on time and who is suited to your budget. The waterproofing specialists you hire will also need to have the right services available to fit the requirements of your project. 

There are a number of reasons why we should be your first choice for all your waterproofing needs.

Experience and knowledge in the industry

SPC’s 15 years’ of experience in the industry means we are the market leader in waterproofing services for both new construction as well as the remedial sector. Our high work ethic and commitment to quality gives us an advantage over other waterproofing companies. With this experience comes a specialised knowledge that clients look for when choosing the best in waterproofing. 

Our extensive experience across a number of industries means we are able to handle any job, big or small.

Quality and price

With over 350 projects completed, our reputation for delivering quality results has given us an enviable reputation that is unmatched within the industry. Our portfolio of completed and current projects covers a wide variety of sectors including commercial, residential, education, government, healthcare, hospitality and tourism, infrastructure as well as remedial work. 

Our clients receive the best in waterproofing services at the best price. You can view just some of the major clients that have chosen to use us for their waterproofing and epoxy flooring needs.

Commitment to quality service

Contracting SPC means you get a fast and friendly service to match the quality workmanship. We always work closely with our clients to select the most suited waterproofing systems for the type of project required. The SPC office includes a team of skilled project managers, estimators,  supervisors, business development managers and customer service representatives. Our focus on teamwork and excellence ensures clients receive the finest professional service at all times.

This commitment to not only meet but exceed the client’s expectations on critical applications and deadlines is what makes SPC the leading waterproofing and epoxy flooring company in NSW and the ACT.

Wide range of waterproofing services

The type of waterproofing you need will depend on the performance requirements for the specific job. For example, an exposed roof on a high rise apartment block, will require a different waterproofing system than a multi deck car park requiring a vehicular trafficable membrane. 

To match these needs, we offers a range of waterproofing services to suit any requirement. We work together with our clients to tailor a waterproofing package suitable for each individual's needs. 

These include:


  • Polyurethane and water-based membranes

  • Polyurea and hybrid spray applied membranes

  • PVC/TPO single-ply sheet membranes

  • HDPE/VDLP sheet membrane

  • Torch on bitumen sheet membrane

  • Self-adhered fully-bonded sheet membrane

  • Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCL)

  • Blind Side Sheet Membranes (BSM)

When you’re looking for a waterproofing service you need to ensure that you choose the right solution for your project. Your solution will depend on your performance requirements, time-line as well as your  budget. The ability to prevent water ingress and efficiently is essential in any waterproofing design. SPC will help you work out these essential parameters and select the right system for the job at hand. 

If you are in need of waterproofing or epoxy flooring, and would like to know more about their services, contact their friendly staff today!


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