Waterproofing Membrane

The Australian climate can be one of the extremes.  While heat causes one set of problems, water damage to buildings and concrete structures can be limited with a quality waterproofing solution.

If any porous material such as concrete is left unprotected, water damage can have disastrous consequences.  This is why the implementation of waterproofing membrane to all commercial and industrial projects is imperative for the long term viability of your property.

A short term investment in waterproofing could help you and your organisation save thousands of dollars further down the track.


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Waterproofing Sheet Membrane

A waterproofing sheet membrane solution from SPC is most commonly applied to large scale building projects that are exposed to the elements.

We add a layer of watertight material, laid in sheets, onto the structure’s surface to prevent water seeping through and doing damage. These pre-formed sheet membranes are often placed around the foundation of buildings or applied to areas such as the roof to stop the chance of water damage ever taking hold.

Waterproofing sheet membranes are the perfect solution for exposed areas due to the resilient nature of the plastic sheet material used.  

All SPC waterproofing sheet membranes are designed to resist not just water, but also harsh industrial chemicals that may come into contact with the surface in question.

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Waterproofing protects the value of your commercial property and with the application of waterproofing membrane from SPC, you can have peace of mind knowing you’ve chosen the best.

If you’re unsure about which type of waterproofing solution is right for your specific project, then get in touch with the team at SPC.  As experienced waterproofing and epoxy specialists in Australia, we’re here to help.

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